Tuesday, July 29, 2014


As you age, your priorities change. The most important thing for you 2 years ago, may be a thing with less importance for you now. A lot of things can change in a span of one year, six months, 2 months and even a week.

Change is the constant thing on earth, as they say. And I agree with that.

10 years ago, I was in high school. (Time flies so fast) I had a group of friends. We call ourselves, GLADJHERCKS. It was derived from our first names initial. We hung out together, did our homeworks and projects together, did silly things together and some even fell in love with each other. We never left each other's sides. We helped each other. We were inseparable. There were times when some of us failed some of our subjects but we never allowed them not to graduate. We helped them with their special projects just to make sure that we will all march together during graduation.

When some would get into trouble, we were all there. Even during lover's quarrel. Don't get me wrong though, we never interferred, we just mediate. We even joined several clubs together. Because of them I learned how to play billiards. I learned a lot from them.

Just like any other friendship, we had our fair share of hurt and joy. We hurt each other with our stupidity and selfishness. There were shed tears but most of all there was joy and laughter.

We all had different personalities. But we chose to understand and respect our differences. High school was never easy. We were all through the stage of identifying ourselves among others. But having them, made me survived everything.

I am not the most friendly and kindest person in school. I am moody and mean. I never knew the reason why I blended with them. Until now I never understood why they chose to befriend me. But you know what, I love them.  Yes, unlike all the tense of verb here, I use LOVE. Present tense. Because all those memories were all in the past and I'm not sure if we would have another chance to relive all those.

Some of my friends never get along well before. And I will be the happiest person if I would see them getting along well one day.

I never stopped caring for them. And I will always grab every opportunity I'll get to bring them back together. I love GLADJHERCKS. Some may not understand my reasons because honestly, I have none. I just love them.

I know that every thing has changed. We can never be like what were before. It would be hard to bring them all back together and do the things that we did before. But I know that no matter what happens, I will still love and cherish them.

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