Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kelly Mayer in the Eyes of KatMatilda

Who is Kelly Mayer?

She's a super active ISF supporter. She founded the @ISF_BeTheChange crew. She's 32, from New Hampshire, USA. A loving mother of three adorable little boys. A The Vampire Diaries Super fan and a Somerholic.

Just like any other friends of mine, we started as strangers. We started chatting when we found each other on Twitter and we realized that we share the same interest - Ian Somerhalder Foundation.

She patiently answered all my questions about ISF. Then she told me if I wanted to join her crew. I immediately said YES. Weeks after our chat, I received an ISF shirt from her.

I was so happy to wear a the same shirt that Ian Somerhalder is wearing!

Kelly is a passionate lady. She does things that make other people happy, she spends dollars on tokens for people who make her happy as well. She even had her hand hurt when she made Afghan blankets.

When she went to TVDNJ Convention, she was on her ISF shirt while carrying around 31 ISF shirts to be given away to Ian's fans. Kelly is selfless. She makes other people happy. She has her down moments when she felt like no one is supporting her desires.

She's like the big sister that I never had. Yes, we're miles apart but distance never hindered us to be friends. She understands my Somerholicism. She supports my cause. I support hers too, I believe in her.

She will always be in my prayers. I know that God sees all her good deeds and He will reward her in due time. Her labor will not be in vain. She may not have any idea, but she is the change that the world needs. She is my inspiration, my example.

I am forever grateful that our paths crossed. I learned a lot from her. I admire her energy and commitment in changing the world.

She is Kelly Mayer. And I know that I would get to know her more as time goes by.

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